PAT2H Horticultural Consulting Services, Rydal, Georgia, 2008
8 4 4 vinca trial

Due to increased environmental awareness and escalating costs of quality control release fertilizers greenhouse production is in need of alternative nutrient sources, preferably derived from sustainable resources. Therefore, Suståne® 8-4-4, an all natural fertilizer made from aerobically composted turkey litter was evaluated for use on ‘Coral White’ vinca. The trial compared Suståne 8-4-4(45 day) to two industry-leading control release fertilizers, a 13-13-13(T70) and a 14-14-14(3-4 mo.). Each fertilizer was incorporated at a rate of 0.85 pounds of nitrogen per cubic yard. The potting medium was a 50:40:10 mix (by volume) of pine bark, peat and perlite.



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