Ohio State University, Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, Columbus, Ohio, 2008
16 4 8 120d echinacea trial

Tyler, et al. (1993)1 reported the addition of aerobically composted turkey litter to container substrate for production of ornamental crops is beneficial to plant performance, improved container substrate nutrient retention and provided adequate nutrients for plant growth, including micronutrients. The trial herein is predicated on the work of Tyler et al. (1993) and was designed to evaluate the effect of Suståne® 16-4-8 (120 day) control release fertilizer on plant performance of ‘Magnus’ echinacea. More than half of Suståne 16-4-8 is composed of an all natural fertilizer derived from aerobically composted turkey litter. The trial compared Suståne 16-4-8 (120 day) to an industry standard 18-6-12 (8-9 mo.) control release fertilizer. Each fertilizer was incorporated at a rate of 1.8 pounds of nitrogen per cubic yard. The potting medium was 100% pine bark.



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