• Suståne for Landscape

    Suståne produces predictable results, dependable performance and high quality plants with low environmental impact, non toxic, safe for people, plants, animals and the environment.

An engineered structural growing media and soil conditioner

Concentrated Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi inoculant featuring 4 different species for optimal colonization.

A blend of endo mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria, with humic acid and compost.

Biostimulant and Plant Growth Supplement. Includes seaweed extract and humic acid.

Synergistic blend of Suståne Organic Compost, Mycorrhizae Innoculum and Biostimulants.

Single dose applications of 4-6-4 in a biodegradable paper filter packs.

5-2-4+FE Supplies Humic Acid and all 17 Essential Plant Nutrients. 

Provides single dose of Suståne and Controlled Release Fertilizer in a biodegradable paper filter pack.

A complete water-dispersible fertilizer concentrate powder.

A high analysis, water-dispersible nitrogen fertilizer formulated to promote rapid and durable greening and plant growth.

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