Outdoor Medical Marijuana Trials - 2017

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Outdoor Medical Marijuana Trials, Dr. Brian B McSpadden Gardener, Ph. D, Michigan - 2017

"By providing slow release N, balanced nutrition, beneficial microorganisms, and natural humate biostimulants, Suståne’s dry granular fertilizers provide the most cost-effective way to produce organic Cannabis."

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Water Dispersible Fertilizer in Tomato Transplant Production - Research: Cornell University. 2017


Experiment 1 (Suståne 12-0-1 Hi-N Water Dispersible Fertilizer)

The objective is to compare performance of tomato transplants fertilized with a once weekly drench in response to Sustane WDF 12-0-1 as compared to another organic alternative nitrogen source, 14-0-0 soluble protein hydrolysate (Ferti Nitro Plus), and a conventional alternative nitrogen source (calcium nitrate, 15.5-0-0).  In addition, we wish to determine if 12-0-1 application leads to greater nitrogen use efficiency, i.e. if a lower application rate can be used (150 ppm N vs. 200 ppm N).

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Experiment 2 (Suståne 8-2-4 Flourish Water Dispersible Fertilizer))

The objective is to compare the performance of Sustane 8-2-4 WDF to other complete liquid organic fertilizers (Nature’s Source 3-1-1, Drammatic ONE 4-4-1) and a conventional fertilizer (Jack’s 21-5-20).

Find out how they differed in the research paper linked below.

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Indoor Medical Marijuana - 2017

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Indoor Medical Marijuana Trials, Dr. Brian B McSpadden Gardener, Ph. D, Michigan - 2017

"The lower costs, higher return on investment and reduced effort required to implement the Suståne-based fertility program now make it standard practice for this grower."

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CBD and Fiber Production in Hemp - 2017


Optimizing Industrial Hemp Production, Dr. Brian B McSpadden Gardener, Ph. D and United Hemp Industries, Kentucky - 2017

"Despite suboptimal growing conditions, Suståne Natural Fertilizers produced extraordinary results. Suståne 3-7-4 applications were selected to increase SOM and porosity, as well as provide sufficient
nutrition in the otherwise P-deficient soils."

"At harvest, hemp plots receiving Suståne 8-2-4 produced significantly higher yields than the untreated control plots. Hemp receiving the low rate of Suståne had marginally higher stalk yields but marginally
lower seed yields than the high rate plots. While both rates were profitable for the grower, the ROI was notably greater for the low rate at this site."

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High Application of Suståne 8-2-4 at six weeks.

Medical Marijuana Fertilizer Rate Trial - 2016

Sustane MM Rate Trial 2016Figure 1: Typical growth and maturation of Cannabis following addition of Suståne Natural Fertilizer. Plant 2.2 shown at time of initial transplant (left), top dress treatment (center), and just prior to harvest (right).

Medical Marijuana Fertilizer Rate Trial, Dr. Brian B McSpadden Gardener, Ph. D, Michigan - 2016

"Different Suståne products were tested as sources of fertility for an outdoor grow of medical marijuana in Michigan during the summer of 2016. Dry bud yield increased by 5 g for every cup of Suståne-based starter fertilizer applied at transplanting (Figure 2).These data suggest that Cannabis growers could optimize their fertility programs using a single application of Suståne’s blended fertilizers or just two to four applications of Suståne’s organic fertilizers."

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Industrial Hemp Fertility Demo - 2016

Sustane IH Research 2016Figure 3: Hemp plants six weeks after transplanting, at time of stand assessments.

Industrial Hemp Fertility Demo, Dr. Brian B McSpadden Gardener, Ph. D, Cynthiana, Kentucky - 2016

"Two Suståne products were tested as sources of supplemental fertility on an organically managed hemp farm in Kentucky during the summer of 2016. Side dress applications of Suståne 8-2-4 increased transplant growth, survival, and biomass production relative to the other test treatments. The overall shoot size and flower volume were approximately 50% greater in the Suståne treated pots."

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