Suståne Hi-N WDF is a high analysis, water dispersible, nitrogen fertilizer.

Suståne Hi-N 12-0-1 Water Dispersible Fertilizer

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Hi-N 12-0-1 WDF Labels:
1 lb.
3 lb.
20 lb.
Hi-N 12-0-1 CDN WDF Labels:
3 lb.
20 lb.
Hi-N 12-0-1 WDF Spec Sheet

Hi-N 12-0-1 CDN WDF Spec Sheet



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OMRI Certificate (US)

OMRI Certificate (Canada)




Available in 1 lb. jars, 3 lb. canisters and 20 lb. 5-gallon pails

Item # Package Size Units / Case Units / Pallet
70-55-2001 1 lb. jars 12 / case 80 cases
70-55-2003 3 lb. canisters 12 / case 40 cases

20 lb. 5-gallon pail

N/A 48 pails/pallet


Suståne Hi-N WDF is a high-analysis, water-dispersible, nitrogen fertilizer. It is specially formulated to promote rapid and durable greening and plant growth. Suståne Hi-N WDF efficiently delivers a unique blend of soluble organic nitrogen sources to support plant growth. It can be used on diverse plants produced in a wide variety of growing systems.


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Also available as Hi-N CDN 12-0-1, our Canadian Organic Regime (COR) compliant and OMRI Canada listed formulation.


Recommended Use:

  • Is designed for use in hydroponics and greenhouse fertigation programs
  • Useful as a starter fertilizer and for foliar feeding
  • A key component of any fertigation program
  • Use in conjunction with Suståne Compost Tea to supercharge soil microbiology
  • Hi-N 12-0-1 WDF is safe for most commercial fertigation and drip irrigation systems - see more below

Benefits of Hi-N 12-0-1 WDF

  • The power of Suståne granular fertilizer is now microsized to provide complete and balanced plant-soil builders.
  • Water-soluble micro-nutrients and amino acids provide immediately available plant nutrition.
  • Formulated with organic and mineral nitrogen sources for rapid plant growth response.


  • Developed and tested with progressive, commercial growers, and leading University researchers.
  • A high amount of plant-available organic nitrogen.
  • Mixes and disperses readily with water and contains minimal insoluble organic carriers.
  • Organic and NOP-compliant material.

Why Fertigation?

Water dispersible fertilizers greenhouse fertigation, hydroponics, foliar feeding, planting of field crops, and turf

Fertigation provides more precise control of plant-feeding. There are many systems and approaches for growing plants, and each has its benefits. Wherever water is provided through irrigation, additional nutrients can also be delivered. By precisely dosing plants with only the nutrients they need as they grow, there is reduced potential for nutrient loss in the growing system. That can mean better control of plant growth, greater nutrient use efficiency, and less waste.

Commercial nurseries and greenhouses grow plants with diverse nutritional needs. While a typical soil or constructed potting mixes can provide all of the nutrients a plant needs to grow, supplementing those matrices with different concentrations of key nutrients, particularly nitrogen, can improve the rate and quality of plant growth.

Turfgrass managers and landscapers sometimes need quick greening. In the green industries, people who produce and manage turfgrass know that color and thickness are key qualities demanded by many customers. Balanced nutrition also helps keep grass healthy and more tolerant of foot traffic and other environmental stresses.

Fertigation Rates and Application:

Suståne Hi-N 12-0-1 WDF in use with delivery systems

When diluted correctly, this product can be applied to plants through high volume, wide bore sprayers, and piped irrigation lines. Pre-filtering is required to prevent clogging of narrow gauge lines and emitters. To minimize risks of clogging and biofouling, install lines with the widest bore that is practical and use the highest flow rates that work with that irrigation system. Be sure to flush all lines with water after each fertigation and fully clean lines on a monthly basis.

For Hydroponics & Greenhouse Fertigation

Use up to 2 lb. of Suståne WDF per 100 gallons of water for finished solutions with up to 300 PPM of N. To do so, prepare a base concentrate by thoroughly mixing 0.5 lb. powder per gallon of water (or 60 g per liter). This base concentrate can then be diluted into 50 to 150 volumes of water to obtain working solutions of various strengths. Working solutions can be applied regularly depending on crop demand and growing conditions.

For Field Crop Starter Fertilizer

For in-furrow and side-dress drench applications, apply up to 40 lb. of Suståne Hi-N WDF per acre in no less than 200 gallons (45 kg per hectare in no less than 780 liters of water) of solution. To do so, mix up to 0.2 lb. of powder with each gallon (or 25 g per liter) of water while filling the mixing tank. Ensure powder is fully dissolved before application. Apply within 4 hours of preparation. Rinse applicator tank and pump lines thoroughly with water immediately following application to avoid clogging.

For Foliar Feeding

For foliar applications to fruiting crops, apply up to 3 lb. of Suståne Hi-N WDF per acre using 100 gallons of water (3.5 kg per hectare using 1000 liters of water). To do so, prepare a base concentrate by thoroughly mixing 0.3 lb. of Suståne Hi-N WDF per gallon of water (36 g per liter). This base concentrate is then diluted 1:10 with water in the spray tank to prepare the working solution for foliar feeding. Apply 100 gallons per acre (or 1,000 liters per hectare) one to four times per season. Apply the working solution within 4 hours of preparation. Rinse sprayer thoroughly with water immediately following application to avoid clogging.

For Turf

For turf applications, use 0.9 lb. of Suståne Hi-N WDF per 1,000 ft2 using 2 gallons of water (500 g per 100 square meters using 7.8 liters of water). To do so, mix in 0.45 lb. Suståne Hi-N WDF per gallon of water while filling the applicators reservoir tank. With constant agitation, apply 2 gallons of working solution per 1,000 ft2 (7.5 liters per 100 square meters) of turf to provide 0.1 lb. of N per 1,000 ft2. Apply the working solution within 4 hours of preparation. Rinse sprayer thoroughly with water immediately following application to avoid clogging.

Application rates and use instructions:

Application rates of Suståne water-dispersible fertilizers should be made based according to a crop’s nutritional needs and tolerance for salt stress. WDF should be diluted in water and mixed well prior to application. For best results, add package contents to fresh water in clean containers with mixing as described below. The preparation of a homogenous solution is critical to successful and consistent fertigation. It is highly recommended that growers prepare a base concentrate of Suståne’s WDF in a bucket of water and then mix the concentrated solution into a larger volume of reservoir water to ensure proper mixing prior to dispensing. Prepare a concentrate of 0.5 lb. of powder per gallon of water in your reservoir. Add the powder slowly while stirring until the required amount has gone into solution. Use a pre-filter screen on the reservoir's injector line. After the concentrate is fully mixed, let the solution sit for 15 minutes before placing the injector hose into the reservoir.

Make sure the intake end is not touching the bottom of the reservoir and allow the injector to pump all but 2% of the concentrate volume to avoid uptake of any contaminating grit that might rapidly clog intake screens. After fertigation, the remaining concentrate may be fully diluted and injected directly as part of the initial flush. Apply fertigation solutions ONLY when temperatures are above 50oF (11oC) and below 85oF (30oC). Commercial users should check the pH and EC of the prepared fertigation solutions to make sure they are within acceptable ranges for their specific crops.

Nutrients Supplied (PPM):

Volume of Base Conc.Volumes of WaterFertilizer StrengthNPKSCaMgFe
1 75 Low 100 0 8 4 0.2 0.05 0.01


Medium 200 0 17 8 0.4 0.1 0.02
1 25 High 300 1 25 12 0.6 0.2


Low Rate: Recommended for use on salt-sensitive species; when concurrent with liquid feed; with production systems utilizing low leaching fractions (less than 10%); and when applied to heavy potting substrates (total porosity less than 65%).

Medium Rate: Recommended for use on medium feeding species; on most nursery stock and foliage plants; and when liquid feed is not performed concurrently.

High Rate: Recommended for use on heavy feeding species; with production systems utilizing high leaching fractions (greater than 20%); and when applied to light, porous substrates (total porosity greater than 80%).

Bulk Density of Suståne Hi-N 12-0-1:

Rounded Measure (volume) Teaspoon (tsp) Tablespoon (Tbs) 1 oz 1/4 cup 1/2 cup 1 cup
Weight (grams) 2.8 8.5 17 34 68 136

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N) 12%
    0.2% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
    0.9% Nitrate Nitrogen
    0.3% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
10.6% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen
Available Phosphate (P2O5) 0%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 1%

Derived from hydrolyzed plant protein, aerobically composted turkey litter, sodium nitrate, sulfate of potash, and langbeinite.

***NOTE: Hi-N CDN 12-0-1 does not contain sodium nitrate.

  • These rates are intended as guidelines. Suståne encourages a trial prior to changing any fertilizer program.
  • Do not steam sterilize container mix after fertilizer has been incorporated.
  • Monitor electrical conductivity (EC) of container substrate throughout the production cycle.
  • Adjust application rate as needed.