4-6-4 Organic plant establishment fertilizer for erosion control and bioremediation

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Suståne® 4-6-4 All Organic Granulated Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer

Organic Plant Starter and Soil Builder for Erosion Control, Bioremediation and Land Reclamation applications 

Suståne 4-6-4 fertilizer is a standard all-organic vegetation starter for low P soils. Suståne 4-6-4 is an organic slow-release fertilizer and soil builder for plant establishment in environmentally sensitive areas and depleted soils. Suitable for revegetation projects, rapid vegetative establishment, erosion control, wetlands and watershed areas, native plant areas, dune and beach restoration, burn area reestablishment, mine site reclamation, oil/gas/coal right of ways and pipelines, highway roadside establishment, protected natural areas, forests, parks, and landscapes.

Suståne 4-6-4 is specifically formulated to be gentle on plants, making it a go-to fertilizer for spreading with seed and applying to seedlings. It restores quality growth for native prairie grasses and forbs for quick ground cover, minimizing soil erosion and the need for repairs or re-seeding.

Suståne 4-6-4 works by replenishing the soil with a rich supply of humus (stabilized organic matter) and the essential nutrients required for sound and long term fertility programs. Suståne 4-6-4 provides a combination of slow-release nutrients and organic substances that improve soil health. Derived from biologically stable compost plus natural potash and feather meal.

While synthetic fertilizers supply plant growth nutrients, they do not supply the organic matter required to maintain quality growth. Using fully composted natural fertilizers increases the levels of beneficial microbial activity, which in turn converts nutrients into plant-available forms.

Benefits of Suståne 4-6-4

  • Adds approximately 5% humates by volume, increasing cation exchange and organic matter
  • Increases the nutrient and water holding capacity of the soil, strengthening plant tolerance to hot dry conditions
  • Promotes healthy root development
  • Improves buffering against changes in soil pH
  • Increases the soil’s ability to suppress plant pathogens
  • Increases soil aggregate stability, porosity, and quality for greater root development and water holding capacity
  • Suitable for arid and saline soils
  • Dry granulated formulation equates to lower transportation and application costs
  • Provides primary and secondary (macro and micro) nutrients necessary for plant growth

Land Management, Native Restoration & Erosion Control Application:

Soil Preparation

  • Light, High Sandy Soil: 20 lb. per 100 ft2 of bed
  • Medium, Clay Loam Soil: 15 lb. per 100 ft2 of bed
  • Heavy, Silty, Clay Loam: 10 lb. per 100 ft2t of bed

Preplant - Broadcast and Incorporate into top 4 in. (5 cm) of soil

  • 50 lb. per 1,000 ft2 or 2,200 lb. per acre
  • 25 kg per 100 m2 or 1,250 kg per hectare


  • 50 lb. covers 2000 ft2 @ 1 lb. N per 1000 ft2 (44 lb. N per acre)
  • 22.67 kg covers 186 m2 @ 0.5 kg N per 100 m2 (50 kg N per hectare)

Hydroseeding - Mix with water solution at a ratio of 4 lb. Suståne 4-6-4 to 1 gallon of water or 2 tons per 1,000 gallon tank

  • For 44 lb. of N per acre apply 1100 lb.
  • For 90 lb. of N per acre apply 2200 lb.
  • For 130 lb. of N per acre apply 3400 lb.

Postplant (45-60 days) - Broadcast and water in

  • 25 lb. per 1,000 ft2 or 1,100 lb. per acre
  • 12.5 kg per 100 m2 or 1,250 kg per hectare

Fertilizer Maintenance for Large Trees:

Once trees have become well established, apply Suståne into holes punched into the ground within tree crown drip line. Once the tree has developed a 4-6 inch diameter, increase the application rate to 1 lb. of Suståne per inch of tree trunk diameter.

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N)

  0.4% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
  0.4% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen
  3.2% Water Insoluble Nitrogen*
Available Phosphate (P(2O5) 6%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 4%
Calcium (Ca) 4%
Magnesium (Mg) 0.75%
Sulfur (S) 1%
Iron (Fe) 0.25%

Total Plant Nutrition

Iron 0.5%
Manganese 0.05%
Zinc 0.05%
Humic Acid %
Organic Matter 50%
pH 6.8
Carbon:Nitrogen (C:N) 4:1
Bulk Density lb./cu. ft 36
% of Total N as Slow Release 80%

Derived from aerobically composted turkey litter, feather meal, and sulfate of potash. 
*3.2% slowly available nitrogen from aerobically composted turkey litter and feather meal

Available Particle Sizes:

  • Medium Grade, 200 SGN (2.8 mm - 1.4 mm)
  • Fine Grade, 100 SGN (1.4 mm - 0.6 mm)