Suståne FOUNDATION Biotic Soil Media - A Biologically Active, Hydraulically Applied Seed Growth Media

Suståne® FOUNDATIONTM Biotic Soil Media - 

A Biologically Active, Hydraulically Applied Seed Growth Media


“As validated by ASTM D7322 FOUNDATION performed exceptionally well in both analyses, but especially well when compared against the concurrent bare soil control.”

Below is the test report for Suståne FOUNDATION (Biotic Soil Amendment) utilizing ASTM-D7322 standard test method for determination of Erosion Control Product (ECP) ability to encourage seed germination and plant growth under bench-scale conditions.  [American Society for Testing and Materials]



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Suståne's Concentrated Compost Supports Long Lasting Revegetation Success

Suståne's Concentrated Compost Supports Long Lasting Revegetation Success, Dr. Brian Gardener, Ph.DSustane FY18 Erosion Control Research

"Suståne's Concentrated Compost cost less to deliver and was easier to apply than locally available wet composts.  The material provided more ground cover and better erosion control than standard compost even four years after application."



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Prescriptions for Successful Revegetation

Bringing Life to ‘Dead’ Soil in New Mexico 2014LWNMDOTRevegetation

"The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NM DOT) established a revegetation demonstration plot on a highway overpass construction project to evaluate a nontraditional compost product and application method."



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Nitrogen Release Rates from Soil Amendment Materials - Cal Trans

California Department of Transportation, Sacramento, California, U.S.D.O.T. Federal Highway AdministrationTurfEnv4

The objective of this study is to compare the N release rates from a wide variety of potential amendment sources, to check the incubation and leaching procedure for precision between duplicate experiments, and to compare release rates to those measured in a field situation.



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Native Plant Nurseries Research - Organic Fertilizer Trials

San Francisco Bay Area National Parks Science and Learning 2008 and 2009research ec nativeplant

"The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy (GGNPC) operates six native plant nurseries in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. These nurseries aim to produce genetically appropriate, healthy, weed and pathogen free plants for habitat restoration efforts in the park while having the smallest possible environmental impact. The nurseries have grown more than 400 native plant species, and they usually produce around 170,000 individual plants each year."



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Rocky Mountain Vegetation Surveys

2007 Vegetation Surveysresearch erosioncontrol 1

Vegetation monitoring is conducted at the Rocky Flats Site to provide information necessary for management of the natural resources. Objectives of the vegetation monitoring in 2007 were to:

  • Identify any new plant species records for the Site.
  • Identify and document infestations of selected noxious weeds at the Site to assist with planning of noxious weed control applications.
  • Document and track the locations where herbicide applications were conducted in 2007.
  • Document where revegetation activities were conducted in 2007.
  • Conduct


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