Well-balance and nutrient dense granular formulated for strong vegetative growth

Suståne® 8•2•4 Granular

Suståne 8-2-4 provides a safe, simple, and cost-effective feeding solution. 8-2-4 provides balanced nutrition from seed through maturity. Suståne 8-2-4 is the perfect fertilizer for when you need significant quantities of organic slow-release nitrogen with low burn potential. 

Professional Grade 

Suståne Natural Fertlizer is backed by over 30 years of independent applied research on diverse crops and ecosystems. Unmatched by any other organic fertilizer manufacturer, such research is the foundation for developing products that deliver value under a wide variety of growing conditions. The superior performance of Suståne's products is recognized by growers from around the world.

Benefits of Suståne 8-2-4 All Natural, Slow-Release Nitrogen Fertilizer
  • Formulated to deliver an optimal mix of macronutrients 
  • Supplies a balanced mix of secondary and micronutrients 
  • Adds approximately 6% humic acid for enhanced cation exchange capacity and a source of carbon
  • Increases nutrient and water holding capacity of the soil
  • Enhances plant stress tolerance in any environment or soil type
  • Formulated with aerobic compost to support natural soilborne disease suppression 
  • Supports soil particle aggregation, increasing permeability and nutrient cycling
  • Improves soil health
  •  Can be applied at higher N rates than other organic fertilizers
Safe for Plants, People and the Environment
  • Manufactured by Suståne in the USA at an EPA-permitted composting site and OMRI-approved manufacturing process.
  • Fully tested and compliant with the Food Safety Modernization Act requirements for fresh fruit and vegetable production
  • Formulated for high nutrient use efficiency and reduced risk of nutrient run off

Suståne Organic & Natural All Purpose Plant Food 8-2-4 is a slow release nitrogen fertilizer that provides lasting plant nutrition from biologically stable compost and other natural and organic ingredients. 8-2-4 promotes vegetative green top growth for all heavy nitrogen feeding plants including tomatoes (vegetative stage), lettuce, cucumbers, corn, hemp, grasses, hops, vines, trees and shrubs. This product is recommended on organically managed lawns, gardens, and landscaped areas.

Usage and Application Rates

For best results, apply water after application. Application rates vary based on soil conditions, plant species and desired rate of growth. It is recommended to have soil tested prior to applying any fertilizers.

New Garden Bed Preparation

Apply ½ cup Suståne for every 10 ft2 of bed space or 1.5 lb. per 100 ft2 (63 grams per m2). Incorporate into the top 4” (10 cm) of soil.

Vegetable Garden Rows 

Apply ½ cup of Suståne for every 10 ft of row space (23 grams per m).

Transplanting and Existing Plants 

Apply ¼ cup of Suståne into the hole prior to planting transplants or around the base of the plant for existing plants. Application rates for specific plants are available at www.sustane.com.

Soil Mixes & Potted Plants

Incorporate Suståne into the potting mix at a rate of 1 cup per cubic foot of mix (12 grams / cubic liter).

Lawns & Turfgrass Maintenance 

Broadcast 10 lb. of Suståne for every 1,000 ft2 of turfgrass (6.2 kg per 100 m2). Apply 2 to 4 times per year in early spring, late spring, and autumn. 

Trees and Shrubs

Apply ¼ cup of Suståne for plants with a 2 ft. canopy. Increase rates by ¼ cup for every additional 6 inches of canopy spread (112 grams for 1 meter canopy). Apply at planting for establishment or in the spring and fall for existing trees and shrubs. 


Use only as directed. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

Item # 
Suståne 8-2-4
Package Size Units / Pallets
(2.8 mm - 1.4 mm) 

5 lb. bags/8 per case
20 lb. bags

42 cases / pallet
100 bags / pallet


Total Nitrogen (N)
     0.8% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
     0.8% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen
     6.4% Water Insoluble Nitrogen*
Available Phosphate (P(2O5) 2%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 4%
Calcium (Ca) 2%
Magnesium (Mg)
   0.01% Water soluble Magnesium (Mg)
Sulfur (S) 1%
Iron (Fe) 0.1%

Derived from aerobically composted turkey litter, feather meal, bone meal, and sulfate of potash. 
*6.4% slowly available nitrogen from aerobically composted turkey litter and feather meal