Suståne for Agriculture:

Suståne’s full line of organic and natural soil builders enhance the yield, quality and profitability in a variety of growing zones. Nurture the soil and grow world class fruits, flowers, grains, herbs, and vegetables; sustainably.

Suståne products for agriculture have been proven to enhance the quality and yield of many crops in a variety of growing zones under different farming and gardening practices. Suståne – Get to know the difference.

Expert Formulation:

Suståne offers a range of 100% organic formulations for rapid establishment, uniform feeding, precision placement and season long crop fertility. Suståne organic fertilizers naturally contain all nutrients known to be essential for plant photosynthesis. Sustane also formulates products containing a range of beneficial soil amendments including Mycorrhizae, Humates, Bio-Char, Molasses and Seaweed. These ingredients combined with the benefits of concentrated compost and the nutrients required for a healthy crop make Sustane the most complete and diverse soil building product available.

Uniform Granulation:

Sustane's proprietary granulation technology create a fertilizer granule that is uniform and consistent allowing for precision placement with fertilizer spreaders and air seeders. This uniform granulation allows for the fertilizer to be placed where it is most needed by the plant resulting in lower nutrient application rates and improved nutrient efficiency compared to pelletized organic fertilizers, manures and composts.

Rich in Beneficial Microbial Communities:

Suståne organic fertilizers are alive with only beneficial microbial communities developed through the composting process. These naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and fungi are necessary to begin nutrient life cycle in poor soil and result in more efficient use of nutrients. Suståne is fully composted eliminating the need for sterilization, permitting a healthy environment for beneficial microbial populations. This beneficial biology increases the soils ability to suppress plant pathogens.

Soil Builder:

Sustane is much more than just a fertilizer. Sustane is comprised of a stabilized humus contianing aprpoximately 10% humic acid. This concentrated compost increastes the nutrient and water holding capacity of the soil and strengthens plants talerance agains hot, dry conditions. Sustane compost also promotes greater root development, improves buffering against changes in soil pH and increases soil porosity and stability.

Rich Humic Substances:

combined with major, minor and trace minerals and microorganisms proven to enhance plant nutrient uptake, improve soil physical structure and defend against common soil and plant pathogens. Consistent quality control provides optimum yield potential. Time after time. Year in and year out. Suståne is available worldwide.

Sustane Serves a Diversity of Organic, Sustainable and Conventional Growers:

All kinds of growers use Sustane: Small Grain and Bean Farmers, Fruit and Vegetable Producers, Organic & Conventional Corn Growers, Flower, Herb & Spice Growers. Sustane is committed to creating the highest quality crops by using only the highest quality inputs in our fertilizer.


Row Crops: Slow Release Nutrients, Organic Matter & Beneficial Biology Placed Direct with Seed
Sustane granules are comprised of humus packed with slow-release nutrients and teeming with beneficial microbiology. The precise granulation and low salt index allow the granules to be placed directly with the seed without risk of burning the seed. This provides the seedling with the nutrients and soil amending qualities needed for an optimal start.

Fertility Programs for Row Crop Agriculture:

Crop   Recommended Sustane Product(s) Application Timing Application Method Recommended Application Rate (lb. per Acre)
Small Grains   3-7-4 At Seeding Direct with Seed 80 - 110
  OR 8-2-4 At Seeding Direct with Seed 40 - 60
Corn   3-7-4 At Seeding Direct with Seed 500
  AND 8-2-4 5 Leaf Stage Sidedress 250
  AND 8-2-4 8 Leaf Stage Sidedress 250
Soybeans   3-7-4 Preplant Broadcast 1,170
Pastures   2-6-3 Concentrated Compost Preplant Broadcast 350 - 1,000
    3-7-4 At Seeding Direct with Seed 333 - 667
  OR 8-2-4 At Seeding Direct with Seed 125 - 250
Vegetable Crops   4-6-4 At Seeding Direct with Seed 350 - 2,000
  OR 8-2-4 At Seeding Direct with Seed 175 - 1,000

Small Fruits & Vegetables:

Sustane For High-Yielding And Great Tasting Produce

Sustane provides the soil buidling characteristics and wide range of nutrients necessary for productive and healthy fruits and vegetables. Sustane is used as the primary fertilizer in the production of all types of vegetable and small fruits.

Herbs & Flowers:

The Broadest Range Of Nutrients For Optimal Color And Flavor

Healthy plants produce beautiful, vibrant colors and strong, fragrant, flavors. Healthy soil results in healthy plants. Sustane feeds the soil and the plant producing optimal conditions for high value specialty crops. Sustane fertilizers contain all 26 nutrients known to be essential for photosynthesis providing the broadest range of nutrients available. Certain flowers require specific minerals in order to produce beautiful color. Using Sustane ensures that these nutrients are available to the plant.

Suståne Products Developed For Agriculture:

  • 5 lb. Compost Tea Bags - Reusable 5 lb. Compost Tea Bags provide rich soil microbiology and liquid organic plant nutrition. Makes 50-100 gallons.
  • Concentrated Compost - For general soil building. Most economical source of organic nutrients available.
  • Bolster MycoBio® - Blend of enhanced mycorrhizal inoculant, beneficial bacteria and humic acid.
  • Suståne Mycorrhizae - Four highly effective select species of arbuscular mycorrhizae inoculant in granular form.
  • Suståne 3-7-4 - The most economical source of organic phosphorus available.
  • Suståne 4-6-4 - The most effective organic starter fertilizer available.
  • Suståne 5-2-4 - The classic Sustane formulation. Used in organic agriculture since 1988.
  • Suståne 8-2-4 - High organic nitrogen for long-lasting nutrition.
  • Flourish 8-2-4 WDF - A complete water-dispersible fertilizer concentrate powder for fertigation.
  • Hi-N 12-0-1 WDF - High nitrogen concentrate powder for irrigation and liquid application.

Organic Registrations & Industry Associations:

Sustane is committed to serving the needs of organic farmers. The company supports a number of organic farming and gardening organizations locally, regionally, and internationally and is a proud member of the The Organic Trade Association.

Organic Trade Association Member

Sustane's All Natural and Organic products are compliant with the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP) standards. These products are also allowable under the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's (CFIA) Organic Program as well as the European Union (EU) and Japan's Organic Seal (JAS). Several Sustane products are listed as Allowable for Use in Organic Production with the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI), as well as being listed as an allowable Organic Input Material by the Washington State Department of Agriculture's Organic Program and the California Department of Agriculture's Organic Program.

Sustane products are also certified by the USDA as Biobased products as part of the USDA's BioPreffered Program. This label assures a consumer that the product contains a verified amount of renewable biological ingredients (referred to as biobased content). Consumers can trust the label to mean what it says because manufacturer's claims concerning the biobased content are third-party certified and strictly monitored by USDA.

What are Biobased Products?

Biobased products are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials and provide an alternative to conventional petroleum derived products. Biobased products include diverse categories such as lubricants, cleaning products, inks, fertilizers, and bioplastics.