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Sustainability is the message for our times. Since 1988 Suståne Natural Fertilizer is proud to be a part of this message and the global movement toward building a more sustainable world. Better land management, protection of our waters, saving and rebuilding soils, improving crop health and yields, helping professional growers and communities alike – all through the utilization of recycled, renewable natural resources – that’s Suståne. Suståne is the world’s leading manufacturer of granulated, organic and natural base slow release nitrogen fertilizers. Suståne products are manufactured in Minnesota (U.S.A.), are used locally, regionally and internationally. Suståne Natural Fertilizers are exported to over 60 different countries worldwide, used by professional turf and landscape managers, farmers, gardeners, growers and horticulturists.

Suståne is so much more than a product line. Suståne is about producing only the best – the highest quality possible organic and natural based fertilizers. Suståne is about healthy growth through healthy soils. Suståne is a natural, biological recycling process made from renewable, agricultural resources that in the end optimizes new plant growth with the least possible inputs, the most savings in labor, time and money and the most favorable impact on the environment. Safe, slow, uniform, predictable release of nutrients when the plant requires. Organic based, long-lasting soil and plant fertility – that’s Suståne. Passion. The people at Suståne are passionate about giving you the best fertilizers to produce what you are passionate about: Healthy plants and healthy soils. There are many reasons why Suståne is the only organic fertilizer exported worldwide and used by professional growers in over 60 different nations. Passion to make the best is key.

The Suståne web site is designed to allow you to navigate easily, find what you are looking for and then decide what is next. But for those who need more information about Suståne, there is more. We have provided the most complete information and detail about Suståne: how it is made, how it was developed, what is the research base, how it used, where it can be found, who you can call with questions and much more. Let us know what you think; we like to hear from you. We invite you to learn more. And whatever we can do for you, please just ask. And thank you for your interest in Suståne… Naturally.

Craig Holden, President

P.S. The photographs on this website are taken by customers and employees showing actual results from using Suståne products.

What is Suståne?