Sustane Bolster Liquid Biostimulant

A scientifically balanced formulation of cold-processed seaweed extracts, humic acid, iron and plant carbohydrates 

Bolster® LIQUID Plant Biostimulant

BOLSTER Liquid Biostimulant from Suståne is one of the best plant growth supplements available today.  Custom designed and balanced ingredients minimize stress factors such as drought, adverse temperatures, and poor quality soils. Formulated with 5% Iron + 4% Humic Acid + 2% Solubilized Seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum).

Virginia Polytechnic Institute in extensive field trials and research has found that BOLSTER is a top performer because it increases root mass and depth, accelerates chlorophyll production, improves moisture retention, reduces wilting and bolsters plant tolerance to certain diseases, insects and nematodes.

Professional Grade 

Suståne products are derived from biologically stable humus-rich compost and contain both water soluble nitrogen (WSN) and slow release nitrogen (SRN), beneficial microbiology, and all 17 elements essential for plant photosynthesis. With a near-neutral pH, a low salt index and low ammonium nitrogen percentage, Suståne will not cause seedling stress or plant fertilizer “burn”. Suståne products increase soil cation exchange capacity (CEC) by supplying humates and stable organic matter. Suståne’s organic and blended natural fertilizers provide all soil types with additional buffering capacity, allowing for more consistent and productive growth.

Benefits of BOLSTER Liquid
  • Prepares turf for stress conditions such as low light density, low height of cut and traffic stress
  • Increases root mass and depth without a flush of top growth
  • Improves drought tolerance by increasing plant's water absorption and retention
  • Increases chlorophyll production and delay leaf senescence
  • Increases salt tolerance to saline soils and irrigation water in high salts
  • Enhances plant survival under plant parasitic nematodes
  • Improves cold tolerance and may extend growing season of warm season grasses
  • Enhances turf establishment, seeding of new turf and overseeded sites

Effects of BOLSTER on Nematode Infected BolsterPics 1Bermudagrass

Bermudagrass was infected with Lance nematodes. BOLSTER was applied every two weeks during February to mid-May. Growth of the control is stunted and wilt stress at the edge of the container is becoming apparent.

Drought Tolerance of Creeping Bentgrass ImprovedBolsterPics 2

Creeping bentgrass treated with BOLSTER at 2 gallon per acre.  The control is an untreated check.  Neither were irrigated. Results show BOLSTER assists creeping bentgrass to tolerate dry soil conditions.

BOLSTER Enhances Cold and Frost ToleranceBolsterPics 3

BOLSTER was applied at various rates to bermuda grass in September. Note, improved color retention in October after several frosts. The growing season of turf may be extended with BOLSTER applications.

bolsterliquidgraphs 02

BOLSTER Effects on Zoysia Sod

BOLSTER was applied to Zoysia Japonica in July, August and September of 1993. The dormant sod was transplanted on May 5, 1994 and root development was measured on July 5, 1994

bolsterliquidgraphs 03

BOLSTER Effect on Seedling Root Development

Data shows effects of various concentrations of BOLSTER applied at the time of seeding. Tall fescue seed was planted and treated with BOLSTER during September 1993.  Root mass was measured in April 1994 after 6 weeks of wilt conditions.  Root mass measured up to a 319% increase over the control.

bolsterliquidgraphs 04

BOLSTER & Primo Combination Proves More Effective

Root development is enhanced by both BOLSTER and Primo.  When used together the performance of both products are enhanced.  

Rate of application:

  • BOLSTER = 1 gallon per acre
  • PRIMO Max® PGR = 1/4 oz. per 1000 ft2

Application RATES

All application rates are for concentrate prior to dilution with water.
Dilute with water at 20-30:1

For Greens and Tees - Apply 3 oz. per 1,000 ft2 (95 ml per 100 m2 or 9.5L/Ha). Repeat every 2 to 4 weeks or as needed. 

For Golf Fairways, Sports Fields & Intensively Managed Turf
3 oz. per 1,000 ft2 (95 ml per 100 m2 or 9.5L/Ha). Repeat every 4 to 6 weeks or as needed.

Overseeding - After seeding apply 3 oz. per 1,000 ft2 (95 ml per 100 m2 or 9.5L/Ha).

For New Seedlings - after seeding, apply 1 gallon per acre 3 times per year at 8-10 week intervals.

Sod Installation - Apply 3 oz. per 1,000 ft2 (95 ml per 100 m2 or 9.5L/Ha). 

NOTE: For best results, shake well before using. BOLSTER can be tank mixed with most fertilizers although the standard quart jar test should be run prior to mixing.


Store between 50°-100°F (10°-38°C).

Item # 
BOLSTER® Liquid Plant Biostimulant
Package Size Units / Pallets
1 Liter x 10 per case
1 Liter x 10 per case
50 cases / pallet
50 cases / ISPM pallet 
2.5 Gallon x 2 per case
2.5 Gallon x 2 per case
36 cases / pallet
36 cases / ISPM pallet
55 Gallon Drum
55 Gallon Drum
3 drums / pallet
3 drums / ISPM pallet


Sulfur (S) 2%
Iron (Fe).                                        5%

Derived from Iron Sulfate

Also contains non-plant food ingredients:

Humic Acis
(derived from leonardite)
Seaweed Extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) 2%