Suståne is the world’s leading manufacturer-exporter of organic and natural base slow release fertilizers for all green industries. Sustane is made from aerobically composted turkey litter combined with plant nutrients and soil amending ingredients in a homogeneous granule fertilizer.

Research Based Fertilizers and Soil Builders

Research Based Fertilizers and Soil Builders
  • Suståne is the most thoroughly researched organic fertilizer product available. Suståne products are backed by over 30 years of independent applied research on diverse crops and ecosystems.
  • Suståne products are safe and effective to use, USDA Biobased Certified and listed as Allowable for use in the production of Certified Organic Farming by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI).
  • Suståne is manufactured in the U.S.A. and is used locally, regionally and internationally. Exported to over 60 different countries. Suståne Natural Fertilizers are used by professional turf and landscape managers, farmers, growers and horticulturists worldwide.

Sustane Provides Total Plant Nutrition

  • Contains the highest concentration of primary, secondary and minor plant nutrients.
  • Contains slow release nutrients that are made available as the plant requires them;
  • Allows plants to more effectively utilize nutrients, while reducing nutrient loss by leaching;
  • Enables soils to retain nutrients longer;
  • Rich in humus, which makes nutrients more available for plant uptake;
  • Provides equivalent growth to other fertilizers with 1/3 to 1/2 of the amount of NPK supplied;

Sustane Builds Soil Health

  • Helps to suppress a wide range of soil and plant pathogens;
  • Supplies beneficial microorganisms to soils and growing media;
  • Improves soil structure and porosity – creating a better plant root environment;
  • Increases moisture infiltration and permeability and reduces density of heavy soils;
  • Improves moisture infiltration rates and reducing erosion and runoff;
  • Improves the moisture holding capacity of light soils – reducing water loss and nutrient leaching;