Zoysiagrass Establishment from Plugs with Sustane Fertilizers, Biostimulants, and Mycorrhizal fungi


Zoysiagrass Establishment from Plugs with Suståne Fertilizers, Biostimulants, Mycorrhizal fungi, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

Zoysiagrass is predominantly produced and established vegetatively due to poor seed viability. Learn how Sustane products have a positive effect when planting with plugs on home lawns, athletic fields, and golf courses.


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Bentgrass Greens Mix Establishment Trial

David M. Casnoff, Ph. D, The Pennfield Turfgrass Construction System, 2001-2005TurfTEst5

The pebbfield System is an environmentally sensitive construction method for turfgrass fields such as golf greens and professional sports fields that takes the Purr-Wick System ideals created in the ninteen-sixties and reformulates those ideas with 21st century technologies.  The potential benefits to the environment include reduced pesticide and water inputs.



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The effects of Humate and Organic Fertilizer on Establishment and Nutrition of Creeping Bentgrass Putting Greens

TurfTEst3Dr. Charles Peacock, Stephen Dorer, 1994-1995

This experminet examined the effects of humate applications on germination rate, turf quality, nutrition uptake, and root growth effects on creeping bentgrass grown on a USGA type putting green compared to with and without treatment of a natural fertilizer.

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Tall Fescue Turfgrass Starter Fertilizer Experiment

TurfTEst2David Casnoff, Ph. D, 1995-1996

Two starter fertilizer experiments started September 3,1995 to July 20,1996 were conducted to study the differences, if any, in the establishment rates on two different cool season grasses of four different fertilizer formulations; two natural base Sustane products, one all-natural Sustane and one conventional synthetic starter fertilizer.



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Creeping Bentgrass Establishment at Metropolitan Golf Course

research turf est 1Willie Pretorius, Golf Course Solutions, Capetown, South Africa, 2009-2010

Bentgrass, Creeping Establishment with Organic Fertilizer, Mycorrhizae, and Vermicastings



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